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Peryite followers/worshippers

What are Peryite followers called? Having hard time finding info, some places don't give them name besides follower and other say they were Dragon Cultist/Priests. I trying make character that worships Peryite.
  • Ihsan997
    That seems very interesting. Peryite seems to be one of the lesser known princes, which makes the choice of a character such as yours mysterious. I like it.

    There’s good and bad here. The bad is that there’s very little in-game lore I can find...Zaan was a heretical dragon priest, from what I understand, so dragon cult influence may not be the norm for Peryite’s followers. The good is that, in the absence of significant official information, you’re free to fill in gaps.

    There were the Afflicted in Skyrim, but they seem to be specific to that era and isolated geographic area. You can take that as you wish. I will say this admittedly biased personal opinion: daedric cults seem secretive, possibly due to the fact that authorities in most cities would outright arrest them. That could lead to highly localized variants, with your character following Peryite in their own way - a way which need not be universal among other followers.

    Just some ideas about your leg room, so to speak. Good luck with your character development - it’s a neglected pocket of lore which could use some love.
  • 2Weenies
    Followers of Peryite don't have a dedicated name as of yet. I mean, "Followers of Peryite" in itself is a good, strong name for their cult.

    An incredibly interesting Daedric Prince to follow under, and I hope your character works well for the Taskmaster. Remember to sneeze on your fists to inflict poison damage before punching out those who get too nosy in your plague-y business, yeah? :p
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