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Feature Request: Retina Awareness on MacOS

Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask for a feature request, but I don't know where else to do this.

On MacOS, if I have a 4k display, I use the default resolution and scale for my monitor - RETINA 1920x1080. That's actually 3840x2160, but the UI is scaled up.

However, when in that mode and launching ESO, the game thinks it's actually in regular, non-retina 1920x1080 mode, and thus I can't select the monitor's native display resolution. It maxes out kinda weird and 3840x2160 isn't even an option.

According to a previous thread I asked for information on, this is probably because the client isn't "retina aware".

So I'd like to request, officially, that the MacOS client be updated so that it can render the game at full resolution in retina mode. Thank you.
  • demerdecanswrath
    The package which handles all the game content and system I/O is 6 years old at the very least.

    Based on the state of the client's graphical performance, ZoS has decided to limit the .app to 1x resolutions, forcing all retina (2x, 3x) displays to downscale the content to non-retina resolutions.

    Other concerns have accumulated over the years, such as:
    • Texture glitched cursors, stuck cursors, disappearing cursor anywhere within the client's ui.
    • Bad mouse/keyboard implementation, with the infamous "Unstoppable spinning toon" and macOS's keyboard shortcut pop-ups showing all over the place headlining the frustrations of most in this part of the forums.
    • No Dark mode (sounds big but it really is just a single line of code on the info.plist that'll get rid of that distracting white bar eye-sore)
    • No full screen mode (green button).
    • No red close button.

    My guess is, when macOS Catalina rolls out in September/October, client won't launch and they'll hire a low cost Mac contractor to patch the ship's holes and make the experience even more of a joke. Let's just hope one of these holes is your retina scaling concerns.

    Because no matter how many holes get patched up that ship is heading straight to an iceberg.

    @ZOS_GinaBruno prove me wrong, I triple, quadruple dare you!
    Edited by demerdecanswrath on June 9, 2019 11:49PM
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  • fallen_phoenix
    Ooooohhhh boy, @ZOS_GinaBruno you've been quadruple-dared! You know what? I QUINTUPLE DARE you! You've been dared nine times now, c'mon you gotta do something! :p
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