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More Senche-raht Mounts


Senche-rahts of different fur patterns exist ingame, can we get these extra fur patterns?
Edited by Aliyavana on September 18, 2019 10:10PM
Zebendal- Stam Sorc, PC NA
  • valkyrie93
    Tethys Vanu - Dunmer Magsorc - EP
    CP 1000+

    PC EU
  • Highlor3
    They will surely be sold.
    [PC-NA] CP 900+
    Rodbertus Quercus, Imperial, Dragonknight [EP]
    Robert Bethencourt, Breton, Templar [DC]
    Karlindah Telvanni, Dunmer, Sorcerer [AD]
    Raises-Her-Rear, Argonian, Nightblade [EP]
    Limeril Bravewind, Altmer, Warden [AD]
    Isilarelen, Dunmer, Dragonknight [EP]
    Elindael, Bosmer, Warden [AD]
    Hrodberaht Bright-Fame, "Nordguard", Warden [EP]
    Ra'Kham, Khajiit, Nightblade [DC]
    Brazilia gra-Bagol, Orsimer, Dragonknight [EP]
    Nirrah al-Hegathe, Redguard, Necromancer [DC]
    [PC-EU] No CP
    Adaltos Indoril, Dunmer, Templar [EP]
    Geralt of Evermore, Breton, Nightblade [DC]
    Feainneweedd, Altmer, Sorcerer [AD]
  • Devanear
    Have another Agree, I would absolutely love to get one :)
  • mommadani907
    I do love that white one with the fabulous hair...
    Guild: AK Legion - Guild Mistress - 907 Gamers
    Twitter: @ mommadani907 / Owner of 2 accounts (gasp!)

    CP 1100+
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    Lilith Darknova ( Dunmer Mag DK - Master Crafter - PvP/AD)///Riisa Bastet ( Khajiit Stam NB /AD)
    Auria Grayire ( Altmer Mag Templar /AD)///Darkenova ( Imperial Stam DK /AD)
    Luna Darknova (Altmer Mag Sorc/AD)///Morning-Starr (Argonian Mag Warden/AD)
    Khara Morek (Orc Stam Sorc/AD)///Amellia Bane (Redguard Stam Warden/AD)
    Amarie Sethe (Breton Mag NB/AD)///Morwen Ravenstorm (Nord Stam Templar/AD)
    Necronomnomnomicon (Dunmer Magcro/AD)///Lilith Nyxx (Nord Stamcro/AD)
    Gretica (Nord Necro Tank/AD)
  • idk
    Good idea. But I’d also like a stilled version to match my original striped senche mount. Then again, nothing beats the original.
    Really, idk
  • PhantomOrange
    Soul Shriven
    Need a Nightmare Senche-raht in my life (fire chonks are needed)
  • Katahdin
    I'm sure ZOS will get around to selling different skins for them
    Beta tester November 2013
  • rope_bunny
  • rope_bunny
    I want a big dragon mount that flies
  • Kiyakotari
    I really, really wish that when they were placed in housing, they would go through some animations, like pets do. At least let them lay down and relax!! Talking would be cool and great (like the Augur of the Obscure), but having them be able to lay or sit down when placed in housing would make them A+++.
    PC/NA CP810+
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    AD Khourilen - Bosmer Sorceress - DD ǀ Adherent of the Green Pact ǀ Vampire ǀ
    AD Khourílen - Bosmer Warden - Healer ǀ Adherent of the Green Pact ǀ Vampire ǀ
    EP Wren Llawcáe - Nord Templar - Tanky DD ǀ Werewolf ǀ
    EP Faník-Azeez-Xal-Sahtee - Saxhleel Templar - Healer ǀ Akssel'sal of the Hist ǀ Seer ǀ
    AD Maehlía - Altmer Dragonknight - DD ǀ Thief ǀ Executioner ǀ Vampire ǀ
    AD Khasabi'daro - Khajiit Nightblade - DD ǀ Alkosh's Fang ǀ Silencer ǀ
    EP Hírosvørn the Axe - Nord Dragonknight - DD & Off-Tank ǀ Werewolf ǀ Packmaster ǀ
    DC Maz'groktha - Orsimer Warden - DD ǀ Mercenary ǀ
    AD Rilmerea – Dunmer/Altmer Sorcerer - DD ǀ Thief ǀ Assassin ǀ Psijic Mage ǀ
    AD Darryl Llawcáe - Altmer Templar - DD ǀ Devotee of Akatosh & Julianos ǀ
    AD Don'jarsi Zilarra - Khajiit Warden - DD ǀ Thief ǀ Dark Brotherhood Assassin ǀ Quicksilver Mercenary ǀ
    AD Kalathihre - Altmer Templar - Tank ǀ Quicksilver Mercenary ǀ Devotee of Two Moons Dance ǀ
    EP Adshäthir Ashayr - Redguard Templar - DD & Healer ǀ ǀ
    DC Praxidike Heladren - Imperial Necromancer - Tank ǀ Quicksilver Mercenary ǀ
    DC Angharad Crowe - Breton Necromancer - Healer ǀ
    DC Venelthir - Altmer Dragonknight - DD ǀ

    PC/NA CP190+
    EP Lothakar Wulfsbane - Nord Templar - DD ǀ Ebonheart Pact Colonel ǀ
    EP Ysleishia - Maormer (Dunmer) Sorcerer - DD ǀ ǀ
    EP Holdwyn Gentle-Hands - Nord Warden - Healer ǀ ǀ
    EP Hestla Hard-Eyes - Nord Sorcerer - DD ǀ ǀ
    DC Adshäthir - Redguard Templar - DD ǀ ǀ
    AD Maehlia - Young Altmer (Bosmer) Dragonknight - DD ǀ Thief ǀ Executioner ǀ
    AD Do'Rashai - Khajiit Nightblade - DD ǀ Quicksilver Mercenary ǀ
    AD Findaelnir - Bosmer Nightblade - DD ǀ Quicksilver Mercenary ǀ
    EP Rus-Txaetli-Xajhithi-Tzel - Argonian Dragonknight - DD ǀ Quicksilver Mercenary ǀ
    EP Mota-Khaan-Keshu - Argonian Warden - Healer ǀ Quicksilver Mercenary ǀ
    EP Rilmerea Vashi – Dunmer/Altmer Nightblade - DD ǀ Escaped Dunmer Slave ǀ

    PC/NA SUB50
    EP Miss-Tanks-Were-Made - Saxhleel Dragonknight - Tank ǀ
    EP This-Is-A-Miss-Tank - Saxhleel Dragonknight - Tank ǀ
    EP Always-Miss-Tanks - Saxhleel Dragonknight - Tank ǀ
    EP Heinrik Hammerfist - Nord Sorcerer - Healer ǀ Akssel'sal of the Hist
    EP Torbjørn the Stout - Nord Warden - Healer ǀ Akssel'sal of the Hist
    EP Dalami Othren - Dunmer Nightblade - Healer ǀ Akssel'sal of the Hist
    AD Kiheh'Dra - Ohmes Nightblade - DD ǀ
    EP Llasi Faveran - Dunmer Warden - Healer ǀ Devotee of Boethiah ǀ

    PC/NA SUB50
    AD Mulimah Ashayr - Altmer Templar - DD ǀ Master Thief ǀ Hereditary Ash'abah ǀ
    DC Harauk gro-Durga - Orsimer Templar - Healer ǀ Priest of the Green ǀ
    DC Lakhim al-Hassef - Redguard Nightblade - DD ǀ Werewolf ǀ Lionguard ǀ
    EP Fanik-Azeez-Xal-Sahtee - Saxhleel Templar - Healer ǀ Akssel'sal of the Hist ǀ Seer ǀ
  • Brrrofski
    I'm sure 20+ reskins will be rolled out at some point.
    Xbox One EU
  • Living_Ded
    OMG YES :*
    dk tank, healer Warden, Templar healer, stamplar, stamblade/magblade, magsorc
  • SydneyGrey
    I want that silver one. <3
    Alchemical wrote: »

    This is the biggest disappointment for me (which I acknowledge was more of a pipe dream than anything). I really wanted them to yell and complain when I made them jump off cliffs, or run into lava, or their butt got pepper with arrows because I dashed through a bandit camp. So much hilarious potential squandered!
    I wanted that too at first, but then I realized that hearing the same lines over and over would get really old really fast, and I'd hate it after a while.
    Edited by SydneyGrey on June 10, 2019 12:59AM
  • NotaDaedraWorshipper
    I wonder if they will give new ones voices or if they will just roar...

    [Lie] Of course! I don't even worship Daedra!
  • Inhuman003
    I would like to see a Golden and Silver Senche-raht Mount of this concept and thank the Gods all Senche-raht are not in one color.

  • Kamara
    I want to know when the Goutfang is coming!
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