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First Day Blind SunSpire I Tried, but the time ran out

Wow, there’s so much stuff to do! The game is complete Chaos right now. Dragons! New Zone is gorgeous btw. Started a new necromancer character. So far at level 5 it’s amazing! Needed to see what kind of changes on toons, gotta check out my StamBlade.

Answered a Zone call to join the SS.

It was a little awkward but I did it anyways.

Apparently it was a small guild trying to fill out their trial from zone. There were some big issues day one. Crashed porting in. Then crashed again. I wasn’t the only one. The leader could not seem to get in. Then lost her chat. Then finally eventually got in.

Time is tick tick ticking away. People dropping like flys. Then replacements have to be found. We end up with a lovely level 8 and a 26. Not CP, just 8 and 26. Couple 170ish, 300 something or other. Why do I do this.

Uhm...this was the first hour of my trial experience. GG not so much.

Thankfully one of these tanks finally gets tired of twiddling thumbs and goes in and pulls. It’s something new. It’s trial appropriate. It’s epic. So good. Then we get to the next room. More big elite mobs and cool stuff to fight.

I get knocked through this giant hole in the floor by this enormous pouncing cat. Ten minutes later when I can finally revive at the wayshrine, I’m having serious thaughts of just leaving.

Finally we make it to the first Boss!

Everyone standing around on this island thing you jump down on because we’re too stupid to take the ladder.

The tank pulls the boss.


We all blow up, explode and insta die. It was pretty great, but I’m just not in the mood for it at this point.


Try this again. This was a good start. A great first pull. Then these earth amalgams start appearing and running around rampant one shotting everyone.

We get the boss to %75. He Magnificently jumps up in the air, flys above us; reigns down hellfire from above and wipes the whole group.

Someone else drops group. I can’t imagine why?

I switched to Guild Chat

Sorry I couldn’t take these people anymore. My guild is running around, leveling necromancers, slaying dragons exploring this new Zone, questing. And I’m running around with a bunch of Zone randoms trying to do the new trial like an idiot.


Try it again. Picked up someone else. This time one of the tanks gets hold of the earthgore amalgams it’s going smoother. You can get out of the huge dragon fire by a sliver and live. Then revive everyone that diddnt.

I don’t know how, but we did it! Beat the first boss. Move to the second. Bunch more mobs and elite ads. Then chests! Got some cool loot! I’m happy with this.

Tried the next boss

This didn't go well. At all. I’ve been in here forever.

Sorry I gtg guys. I’m late for my brain removal appointment.

They were persistent, I’m sure they’ll get it done. But not with me. Gonna go play with this necromancer some more.

Guild Event SunSpire trial tonight.

Stick with the guild. Competent players make all the difference in the world. Never underestimate the General badness of the ESO population.

See you in Elsweyr!
  • Donny_Vito
    Wow, what a roller coaster of emotions you went through. And I actually read all that....
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