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Sunshine Daydream's Guide to Starting Out in ESO

Many players are coming into or returning to ESO for the official release of Elsweyr. Zone chat will be full of questions (and sometimes with inaccurate or just plain bad advice). Some of you may know this author from her well-respected guides for crafting, but Sunshine Daydream's website has other information as well. As always, our website is ad-free and visible to everyone (not just guild members), so feel free to also recommend our guide(s) to your new friends & guildies. :smiley:

The most important knowledge for a new player is this: the only things about your character that cannot be changed are your Alliance and your Class. Most options can be changed at the cost of in-game gold, however some changes (specifically race, name, & basic appearance) must be purchased with crowns.

After choosing your alliance and class, weighing the various cultural options and perfecting your character's appearance, then completing the basic tutorial what's your next step? This document will help you answer that question and can guide your first hours in The Elder Scrolls Online.

This guide was originally written 2 years ago, but has recently received an extensive revision and also moved on our website thanks to a new directory structure. (renew your bookmarks folks!)

Our "Guide to Starting Out in ESO" covers:
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