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Let's collect Elsweyr contraband items

Contraband items always provide some cultural insight. It is hard to define zone-specific items on UESP, so I decided to collect them "manually". Any help would be apprecialted, please, list items and description, what have you found in trunks, wardrobes and other places. Some items can be from already known locations, yet list them if related to Khajiit. I guess, the best way to list it is Treasure Type - Name - Description

No treasure type
Bitten Terror Bird Statue: once a small soft-wood statue carved into a terror bird, this item now has bite marks pocking it

Scrivener Supplies
Khajiiti Scrivener's Brace: to protect their fur from ink, or their manuscripts from fur, Khajiiti scribes don this utilitarian brace

Rajhin the Ragged: this patchwork Khajiit doll with a croooked smile is made to resemble the trickster god Rajhin and his humble beginnings

Trifles and Ornaments
Oversized Feather Wand: hours of entertainment can be all yours with this simple combination of stick, string and feather

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  • Mastreus
    Bag of Squating Sand: Some Khajiit maintain the tradition of sprinkling pawfuls of sand over their private excretions. It doesn't help the smell.

    Scrivener Supplies
    Fur Goop: Despite it's off-putting name, the goop within this ceramic jar allows Khajiit to remove ink from their fur with minimal fuss.

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