One-handed vs two-handed weapon craft and drop balance

Am I alone thinking that playing a character using 2 one-handed weapons is more difficult to gear than the others ?

With the first update of the year, ZOS said they wanted to adjust the weapons to have less differences in terme of dps between them (two-handed, dual one-handed, bow, staves), that's why they nerfed the enchant on one-handed weapons and made some adjustements on weapon skills.
I am agree with this changes and now we are able to play with the weapon we want.

But I think it's not enough. Using two weapon instead of one means you need more ressources to craft and twice ressources to gold and enchant your gear.
Futhermore, you have to drop two weapons to have your complete gear and loose twice time farming.

To balance all type of weapons, the drop should be similar to the one in the arenas.

The loot table should look like that :
- two-handed weapon (greatsword 1/3, battleaxe 1/3, maul 1/3) 1/6 chance
- 2 one-handed weapon (sword 1/4, axe 1/4, mace 1/4, dagger 1/4) 1/6 chance
- bow 1/6 chance
- one-hand (sword 1/4, axe 1/4, mace 1/4, dagger 1/4) and a shield 1/6 chance
- destro staff (fire 1/3, ice 1/3, lighting 1/3) 1/6 chance
- resto staff 1/6 chance

For crafting, make one-hand weapon cost half two-handed weapon and double decraft ressources for two-handed weapons.
And finaly, gold a one-handed weapon should cost only 4 gold mats (with crafting passive).
Unfortunatly, it will be difficult to half a weapon glyph to use it on two one-handed weapons or use two glyph for one enchant on a two-handed one, so let it like this.

What do you thing about that ?
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  • Druid40
    I am for lowering crafting requirements by half. I mean, if they think having half potency for enchants and traits is a good idea...
  • Katahdin
    The drop rate of daggers needs to be looked at. Some popular and needed sets are almost impossible to obtain
    Beta tester November 2013
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