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Magicka DK Health Regen, it's possible?

Not much to ask, it's viable in PvP? i've being playing stam dk health regen, do the job, so i made a magicka dk to try in this patch.

Something like this:

  • Taleof2Cities
    If you're on PC I suggest you try it on PTS first, @Ecfigies, before committing resources on Live.

    If you look at the template's unbuffed stats, it's a very average magicka regen of about 1,600 ... which will eat into the damage output despite good spell damage. If you're not doing damage, then you're basically a health tank that can't kill anyone and no one can kill you.

    In addition, you'll have to practice keeping uptime on all those major buffs (especially major sorcery). Because the stats on the template are currently reflecting 100% uptime.

    So, try it on PTS and see how it goes ...

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