Bogdan nightflame arms pack

Soul Shriven
In crown store showcase wrote that nightflame arms pack must be added at may 29. So where it is?)
  • Royaji
    Hey all,

    Due to an issue with how the Nightflame Arms Pack was displayed in the Crown Store, we temporarily removed it. The Nightflame Arms Pack will return at a later date. In its place, the Lord Warden set will be arriving on June 5th, and the helmet and shoulder pages will be available in-game.

    On June 26th, 2019, the Nightflame Arms Pack will return to the Crown Store and be available through late July. The helmet and shoulder styles will also be available in-game for the duration of the weapon pack's availability.

    This change will be reflected in the next Crown Store Showcase.
  • Silaf
    I wasted so many keyes and time on this... Please next time ZOS post a twitter to explain it.
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