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Dummy Humpers - PVE/Trials/Social - vSS, vAS, vCR Progression Groups. Oceanic based!

G'day and welcome, I'm gonna keep this nice and simple because none likes reading long and boring things:

We are an Oceanic based guild with raid times at nighttime AU / NZ and morning Eastern.
We have an amazing group of experienced and friendly people with us who can answer pretty much any question you have about the game.
If you wish to join leave your @ name in this discussion or join the discord and leave it there : )

Progression groups:
vSS - Friday 6PM AEST / 4AM Eastern
vAS - Saturday 7:30PM AEST / 5:30AM Eastern
vCR - Saturday 10PM AEST / 8AM Eastern

Open vCrags HMs / Weekly Trials - Friday / Saturday / Sunday sometime between 5PM AEST / 3AM Eastern and 11PM AEST / 9AM Eastern

Beginner Trials - Monday OR Tuesday 6PM AEST / 4AM Eastern

Requirements: Log into the game at least once a month and join the discord

Permanent Discord invite: (all upper case)

Eastern = UTC-5
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  • Skooshyy
    We've recently started a vCR progression group! There's still open spots so be quick and join our discord to check it out!
  • Skooshyy
    We still looking for more peeps to join our community and have a great time :3
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