Request: "Skill Books" Addon

There are a lot of addons for character advancement, but none that makes it easier to (remember to) get the skill books that give free bow/alchemy/etc. skill ups.

I understand that the spawn points are random, so it is not like lorebooks or skyshards where you can just place a marker and be done.

However, it is not totally random. Nearly every skill book has a set list of zones it can spawn in, as you can see on the uesp list:

In addition it's not like the bookshelves themselves move around!

What I would love an addon to do is this:

- Track which skillbooks have/have not been gotten on a character (I assume there's an API for this, similar to the lorebooks)
- Give a list (in chat window or UI window) of what the character is missing, with the zones where they spawn, so you know what zones you need to go to
- When you enter a zone that has unread skillbooks, print to the chat what is missing, and (bonus) mark places with lots of bookcases on the map!

Extra bonus is to allow to uncheck certain skill lines i.e. if you do not care about bow skill books on your mage. Or only to show it when you have few skill ups remaining, i.e. there are 3 JC skillbooks so only show the chat warning at rank 47 JC.

I know for sure this would be possible, I am not sure if it is worth the time and I do not have the skill to do it. But if someone is interested in tackling this I sure would appreciate it!
  • wishlist14
    My characters all love to read so they read anything and everything they find in the world. I personally don't feel i need an addon for this. I now have 12 characters, soon to be 13. However, I can see that many players would love this idea. I bet if it was available I would also use it, I just never really thought about it.

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