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How long do people have to talk about the furnishing plan grind before it’s changed? It’s outrageous

Ok this is getting absolutely ridiculous. The grind to get some of these higher end purple furnishing plans is way to much. It is literally the hardest grind in this game by far in terms of time it takes. The drop rates suck, there is no other way to put it. There is literally no reason why anyone should have to farm for HOURS on end to maybe pull 1 purple furnishing plan. There was a slight improvement with summerset last year in terms of drop rates but honestly it’s not enough. Not to mention dwarven wasn’t even touched in terms of better drop rates for the area you are farming. Why are you making it take hundreds of hours opening containers to complete one area worth of plans? I have spent at least 20 hours farming dwarven and in that time I’ve pulled 1 purple dwarven plan. Is that not an issue? I want to complete the plan collection on my crafter but honestly this grind is what is making me not want to play this game lately. It’s an absolute waste of time with the current drop rates. I know people that have only needed 1 or 2 plans to be done for months now and can’t finish because the drop rate is crazy. I personally need less then 20 and I can’t find any of the ones I need in traders or myself unless they are prices in the millions. Seriously ZoS this needs to be fixed. I get it’s meant to be a grind but it has been taken to far. When it gets to the point of constant in enjoyment, something needs to be done. But sure, keep doing pointless character rebalances and keep ignore your housing player base.

When farming a specific area make the drops at least 75% from the area you are farming. If you are farming Alinor, CWC, Murk, Dwarven, etc you should at the very least make it so you get plans that you are farming for. It is very frustrating to be putting in countless hours farming only to get vials, gibbets, and other garbage.

Seriously, this needs to be fixed. You are losing a large player base because of this grind. I used to really enjoy this game, but I just don’t anymore and I know plenty of others that fell the same. Please do something about it.
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