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Exploration Guild: "Explorers of Infinity" Now Recruiting!

Soul Shriven
My goal is a simple yet expansive one, to explore all of Tamriel's Locations, Expansion locations included if you have them. It's only me for now, but everyone has to start somewhere right? There is only one requirement, and one rule. First and foremost, we will hold Explorations twice a month, with players randomly put into teams of three to five people. They will explore undiscovered locations and bring the information to the Guild to speed up the progress of discovery. And the only rule is to respect each other. Other than these, members may train and quest at their own leisure. If you want to learn more, PM @ExplorerColeton or check the guild listing for "Explorers of Infinity" currently I'm a Healer that doubles in Dual-Wielding, and am currently level 24. I'm also looking for friends that can group up and train alongside me, if you're not interested in joining the guild.
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