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Tavern Trashers - AD PVP guild

Soul Shriven
Tavern Trashers is an AD PVP guild looking for friendly PVP'ers to join our community. We are a small guild, and our goal at the moment is not to grow as big as we can - we will rather have a medium sized guild where you feel at home. We started up in the end of april 2019 and are growing steadily and getting better and more organized, while still focusing on having fun and having a friendly and welcoming community. Our guild consist of a mixture of veteran and fairly new players, and this is something we want to maintain. We welcome anyone from level 10 to cp 810. All we expect from you is that you are friendly, reasonably helpful towards others and want to participate in our groups, which we arrange at least 2 times a week in the Vivec campaign.

PVP brings both positive and negative feelings, so we have some things we would like you to keep in mind before applying: 1.We don't discriminate anyone, and we expect you to do as well. 2. Even if we win or lose, we still show respect and are polite towards our fellow guildmates, and rather come back to fight another day than spreading negativity within the guild.

Contact KongPappa in the PS4 eu server if you have questions or would like an invite!

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