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Crafter addons, auto sell addon

Soul Shriven
Do u now addon that auto-sell trash, dropped poisons, potions??
And what is a best addin for craft? Alchemy, enchant includes?
  • mague
    I dont know or need any auto-sell addon

    Potion Maker to level up alchemy. Later i dont need it because i know my recipes.

    Crafting analyse timers:
    AI Research Grid

    For the dailies:
    Daily Provisioning
    Daily Alchemy

    For fishing:
    Votan's Fish Fillet
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  • Kaymorolis
    Do u now addon that auto-sell trash, dropped poisons, potions??
    Check out Dustman for this.

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  • Easily_Lost
    For the auto sell try: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair) ( ).
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  • Mupo
    Craftstore Elswyre for a nice grid telling you what you researched/timers/motifs/recipes/Furnishing Blueprints!

    Dustman I have used for a few years for auto junking things that you have junked before and there's Zolan's Junk Handler that lets you key-bind "Junk' button [mine is Delete key]

    Lazy Writ Crafter will auto craft most anything for your daily writs, as an added bonus if you havea main crafter [Or a friend with a max Crafter] with 4/1 Potion/mat passive and Provisioning 4/1 passives you can have THEM Craft the noob food/drinks/Alchemy daily writ items, have those either in yoru house bank or Banker Bank and your alt will auto-pull what they need to complete that daily writ quest :smiley: I make those noob writ items for my friends in full stacks for banking their daily writ requirements every few months, it's a huge help.

    I craft on 17 Alts each day, Lazy Writ Crafter helps me keep my sanity! :cookie:
    I hope this helps!
  • daim
    For the auto sell try: PersonalAssistant (Banking, Junk, Loot, Repair) ( ).

    That's a really nice NEW addon, I recommend getting it. Already replaced Bank Manager R for me (as it's not been updated and is quite heavy).

    It's also modular so you can just select which parts you want from it. Notice that for me I had to enable the whole package first before it started working, after that I could disable those I didn't have a use for.
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