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Any Warden Add-ons ? Hide Netch / Count time on Shalks ?

Hi guys !

I'm recently a new warden, and I'm looking for 2 addons (if they exists).
One that can hide the Netch (because, let's face it, I HATE having this little cthulhu in the center of the screen).
And another than could just count the Cooldown of Shalks to help me with its timing.

If you know it doesn't exist (or cannot be done), please let me know too :p

Thanks !

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  • Xerge
    You won't hide the netch any time soon and there are several add ons that track timers of abilities; i'm a huge fan of LUI extended buff component.
  • erlewine
    auramastery is handy for netch. can make a separate button that you can put anywhere for it.
    eisley the worst
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