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Alchemy Traits: Dragon's Blood and Dragon's Bile

Dragon’s Bile
  1. Heroism
  2. Invisible
  3. Vulnerability
  4. Vitality
Dragon’s Blood
  1. Lingering Health
  2. Heroism
  3. Restore Stamina
  4. Defile


Possible Learning Recipes
  1. Dragon’s Bile, Dragon’s Blood, Spider Egg (Invisible, Lingering Health, Heroism)
  2. Blessed Thistle, Dragon’s Blood, Mudcrab Chitin (Stamina, Defile)
  3. Dragon’s Bile, Scrib Jelly (Vulnerability)

Source:, my game notes shared with the world.
PC: NA Server #ProvisioningTheNewMeta
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    thats awesome!!!!!! thanks alot :D
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    Thanks for sharing this info.
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