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Lore Friendly Bosmer Necromancer names?

So, I like for all my toons to have names that have meaning and also have some form of background related to why they are what they are.

Some examples :
- Nord Necro Healer, Olga Gravetender
She has no clue that what she does is actually Necromancy. Why? This over protected lady is not the source of the power, but instead her father which is now assisting her as a shade who was a Necromancer and his only wish now is for her to be happy.

- The Oxydoche Bosmer, Sorcerer Bosmer Tank
When small her parents died while in the area of Stormhaven due to eating some tainted meat, luckily some passersby Bretons found her and teaches her ways completely different from Bosmer beliefs. While in their care she was introduced to Knights, the Mages guild, and also add an odd fascination with the cultists that came from the mountains from time to time. So she combined those aspects into her own style. Her name comes from how she does not behave like a Bosmer at all

Now... I want a stamina Necromancer bosmer for my 17th/18th toon... But have no idea what to call it, or how the background will work.

Any thoughts for this?
  • TelvanniWizard
    What about "Humperdinck, the fallen leaf"?
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