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[NA-PS4] Black Crow Assassins - (All players welcome)

Soul Shriven
Black Crow Assassins

We are currently recruiting new players who want to learn about the game & are beginning their journey & veteran players who enjoy helping & leading others. The knowledge & experience that veteran players have to offer means a lot to those with us & we’d be honored to have you share as much as you can with us & to those seeking guidance.


We feel that in order for a guild to be successful, players need to be seen more as just numbers on the roster. We want your experience in our guild to be a good experience & a memorable one. We encourage all players to communicate with each other, greet each other & just simply respond to one another. This helps build an environment where members can feel comfortable participating in an active guild with like-minded players who are simply seeking to enjoy the game & do just that.

Who we are:

Our guild being created was inspired by 2 things:

The Berserk manga/anime - Black Swordsman Guts & The Band of Hawks (Fighting hard & proving their enemies they weren’t to be taken lightly, no matter the numbers they had behind them.)

The Dark Brotherhood - More so the whole “brotherhood” part

Our goals:

We fully understand that this guild will only be as strong as the members who are willing to engage, help & play with others. Whether that be PvE, PvP, Trading, Farming or activities where you can simply stand around districts showing off your bad**s gear, we want to provide a community where you can do all that, without the worry of being judged, looked down on, or worry about being kicked for making a mistake or having a low level.

Build a supportive platform where newer players can learn what ESO has to offer & find players to help them through their journey. With this, we want our veterans to feel that their experience is worth a lot more than they expect it to. A platform where, like I stated, they aren’t just numbers on the roster, but rather, can be looked at as leaders.


We believe that the investment that our members put in the guild shouldn’t go unnoticed. We offer a promotion system to help others see the work & dedication one has demonstrated in the guild. Those promotions are:

Master Assassin


We highly believe that communication is the key to a successful guild & a better experience for those who decide to join us. So to help bring guild members come together, we’ve created a Discord server & we invite you to join us. If you are interested, just follow the instructions below.

Please leave a reply with your PSN name & we will send you a guild invite as soon as possible! Or click on the link below to join our Discord & leave your PSN name there.

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  • Dar7hprince
    Soul Shriven
    Would love an invite if your still recruiting. Psn is FullHollowGod
  • Stryder_187
    Soul Shriven
    Will send u one as soon as I get on
    Edited by Stryder_187 on May 30, 2019 1:19AM
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