Way Of Our Ethos- AD only please.

Soul Shriven
Hi everyone,
We're a new guild recruiting AD players. We're open to everything one can do in ESO, so their is no singular purpose for our guild. I'd like to develop a strong presence in Cyrodiil with a specialized cell within the guild, consisting of Templars and Sorcerers. Let me know if you're interested.

My main toon is a Magplar Vamp healer, but I also have a few others. I have a crafter toon (armor, weapons and jewelry).
I consider myself to be quite a serious player, because I'm invested in my characters with time and research to improve as a player. I haven't, nor will I ever tear others down for having expectations and contrasting ways of playing their own game. Ultimately we want a good place for solid players to learn and improve together. If this resonate with what you want from the ESO community my PSN is Black-The-Silent or leave a reply and I'll send an invitation.

Be game and happy on!
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