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Platform; PS4
Server; EU

We are a social/pve guild, recruiting new members. we are a relatively new guild with a close community of around 70 members looking to expand.

We do skin runs, fun events, weekly raids, duel tournaments and more. We have a guild house with various facilities including a transmutation station.

We also have a guild discord, to organise in and have some extra chatting.

We are looking for all kind off members; new and seasoned;
So if you're looking to get into the game, quest and have fun, or upgrade your character and get into trials, we have something for you.

Or perhaps you want to play harder content in our core team, feel free to join! And if it's your thing, help out the newer players, we all need to start somewhere.

We have a trial progression group, as well as a core trial team. We don't ask for a minimum DPS for the trial progression, but ask for a minimum for the core group. We will always help players who are committed to improve, so don't worry if you're not at the DPS level yet.

Rules: be respectful, be active, be social, and have fun!.

Don't be shy to ask for an invite or help with your build, we're all here to help!

contact @mirrrr or @j_briggs79 on PSN or in game for an invite
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