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Magicka Necromancer VMA build + 613180 score video (full run)


Magicka Necromancer is difficult but very powerful in veteran Maelstrom Arena. The class has very strong passive abilities that make it extremely good for solo content. It has very strong burst damage because of stalking blastbones and the ability to use your own synergy with avid boneyard. Overall, the class is really fun and has a smooth feel to it and if you want a challenge in vma, I recommend trying it out.

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Build Information: Because Necromancer has weak resource management, we use a different setup than usual for trash rounds. For race, I chose an Altmer instead of Breton because they have more burst dps potential due to their Elemental Talent passive - Increases your spell damage by 258. With the trash round gear setup I used here, you wont need the resource sustain improvement that Breton provides.

We also use The Shadow mundus stone instead of The Lover. The reason we can do this is because of Necro's Dismember passive - While a Grave Lord ability is active, your Spell and Physical Penetration are increased by 1500. This lets you allocate more champion points into spell erosion and gives you more burst dps. Another reason why we use The Shadow is because of Necro's Death Knell passive - Increases your Critcal Strike Chance against enemies under 25% Health by 10% for each Grave Lord ability slotted. With 4 Grave Lord abilities slotted, you get 40% crit against enemies in execute. This is really nice for boss rounds in vma because they are very short fights. If Mechanical Acuity procs at the beginning of a fight (which it always does) then you will nearly have 100% crit for the whole fight because you'll have Death Knell at the end of the fight.

Setup 1 (trash rounds):

Setup 2 (all boss rounds):

Setup 3 (final boss only):

Perfected False God's Devotion is a new set that drops from veteran Sunspire in the upcoming Elsweyr chapter. Why use this set over Burning Spellweave? Because it gives Minor Slayer, more crit and magicka, and basically gives you infinite resources on trash. I tested Magicka Necro with Burning Spellweave before using False God's and my sustain was awful. I tried out Breton but then my dps felt slightly lower. I went with Altmer and put on False God's and it was definitely the best for me.


Boss 1 (95k dps single target):

Boss 2 (23 second fight):

Boss 4 (106k dps, 6 second fight):
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    Whyn Aurum
    What is the mod name where you can see the other bar cooldowns? good run btw
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