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[PC/NA] LF New In-game friends, Playtime Noon-3AM Pacific, Discord preferred!

Soul Shriven
Hello! I just changed my main to AD/Argonian StamDK tank [CP 627+] and I am looking for new friends to play with me in discord, doing:

+Vet Dungeons
+Gear farming
+Speed run of zone quests
+Craglorn group quests
+Cyrodil groups for achievements

Questing areas:
+Summerset [barely started]
+Murkmire [not started]
+EP quest areas [barely started]
+Gold Coast/Dark Brotherhood [not started]
+Hew's Bane/Thieve's Guild [not started]

About Me
I do not work and only play ESO and sometimes ES:Legends. I am part of 5 great guilds and am working on joining a new 5th guild for trials. I am a 32 year old man. I prefer people who are not confrontational

Please reply here or talk to me in-game with your schedule, and let's work to finish this game! My priorities are skill points, gear, and achievements.

Thanks for reading!
PC/NA on Pop!_OS 20.10 via Lutris.
@Debsin / Qen'Leiar cp~730 StamDK Tank (Argonian).
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