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Anniversary event 500k?

Weeks ago i read on the forum posts others were saying we will receive 500k gold for the 5th year anniversary event. Is this true or someone *** us?
  • redspecter23
    That sounds like lies to me.
  • VaranisArano
    I probably made about that much from the Anniversary Week motifs, pages, crafting mats, and alchemy reagents...but no, I don't believe ZOS is giving away 500k gold.
  • EmEm_Oh
    Probably another high-quality Onion article...
  • Nordic__Knights
    Nope no gold give away but sure made killing off event to say the lease
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    Back when they were giving out juicy rewards, we had one month they gave us 100K, I think it was on the last or second to last day of the month, so easy to miss. Have not seen a reward that high since.

    So, I doubt they would give us that much.
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  • Malborn66
    Daily Rewards for current Month include a 100K payment.
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