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[PC-EU][PvE] Resolution Zero - New progression raiding guild

Hello all

Resolution Zero is a new guild on the PvE raiding scene. We are in the process of forming a core group for veteran trials progression, and whether you are new to trials and looking for a guild in which to grow, or a more experienced raider looking for a new home, we want your help!
We are currently recruiting all classes and roles, with a priority on DPS and healers. We ask for a basic knowledge of veteran trials and mechanics, and a minimum of 450 CP. What we aim to offer is a friendly and competitive environment where together we can achieve goals and consistently progress. We are always willing to help members in terms of gear, farming and maintain a fair loot system where the need of a members main trial character will have priority.

We will however add that people who are looking for a quick carry through content to obtain skins, achievements or titles and players who are willing to sacrifice vitality or score for their own personal DPS may be better off applying elsewhere as we are looking to build a well organised group with regular attendance."

We raid at 20:00 BST on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Raids last for at least 2 and up to 3 hours, any continuation beyond 3 hours is only with the agreement of all participants. We also have at least two 5 minute breaks during the 3 hours.

Guild Requirements:
  • As mentioned, basic trial experience and knowledge of mechanics is desirable, along with 450CP. Good experience of ESO raiding on other platforms will be taken in account. Tanks and healers are expected to run warhorn along with gear to buff the group, and DPS players joining the guild must have an absolute minimum of 25k dps, in a self-buffed parse on the robust skeleton (6mil health). This is not a final level for your dps, rather it is just the beginning; every member should strive to improve their characters and gameplay so that together we can progress onto harder content and get better scores.
  • You need to be running the add-on Raid Notifier and if you're playing the dps role you should also be using Combat Metrics or something similar to allow you to see and post your dps.
  • We use Discord for out-of-game text chat and TS3 for raid voice chat. You must be prepared to use both of these.
  • We are using ESO Raidplanner to coordinate raid signups. You must be prepared to use this and sign up to raids that you want to come to.
  • All members must have a functioning mic to use in TS3, and be willing and able to communicate efficiently in English. Being muted in raids is not acceptable.
  • You must be prepared to listen to the raidlead and officers during the raid. If you have suggestions for tactics then they can be suggested between runs or after the raid and we will talk about them constructively.

If you are interested in joining us please message either me @BloodMagicLord or @DeCarn in-game.
  • BloodMagicLord
    We are now full on healers.
    We are however still looking to recruit several more damage dealers, and will also take another off-tank if they are okay with the possibility of needing to be on a DPS alt sometimes.
  • Thicclady
    Hello all

    [*] All members must have a functioning mic to use in TS3, and be willing and able to communicate efficiently in English. Being muted in raids is not acceptable.

    Im using MSN Messenger and am quite happy with it, is it a dealbreaker not to use TS3?
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