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Leveling alliance skills in BG stamplar need cheap gear advice

I'm leveling alliance skill line in BG for PVE stamina templar. I want to craft or purchase some cheaper impenetrable gear and I'm not really sure what to run with. I would appreciate any ideas about how to gear at a reasonable cost. I don't want to farm Draugr Hulk and Bone Pirates just to level my alliance skill line but I also don't want to run with regular PVE gear. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • technohic
    Can buy spriggans, ravager, 7th legion or craft hundings if you really want cheap.
    Battlefield acrobat is a viable alternative to bone pirate. Lots of options depending on what you want to do
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  • MaxJrFTW
    Shackle, Hundings, NMG.
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  • bigelle.x3_ESO
    Ravager, spriggans, battlefield acrobat aren't too expensive. Veiled heritance, 7th legion, impregnable little pricier.

    Can also craft hundings, clever alchemist, night mother's gaze.

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  • Slack
    Impregnable + hundings + monster set of choice
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  • Iskiab
    Fortified brass is better then impregnable armour for no-CP.
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  • MurderMostFoul
    Iskiab wrote: »
    Fortified brass is better then impregnable armour for no-CP.

    If you're in medium armor and run 5 well fitted, impreg feels a lot nicer than fortified brass in no CP.
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  • grubbs.rhonda_ESO
    Thanks all for the advice! I still suck at BG but at least I suck in better gear.
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