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Advice for going from 100% Newbie to Emperor?

I've been playing the game on and off for months, and have one character at ~410 CP. I have yet to touch PvP in ESO at all, and just finished Caldwell's Gold.

I've heard that getting Emperor is mostly a grind. I'm going to have a lot - A LOT - of free time from now until June, and then no free time at all, for a long while. This will be my best and only opportunity to tackle this part of the game.

I'm a solo player who doesn't belong to a guild. My character is a (vampire) Breton Sorcerer with unrefined skills and gear.

How do I get started, what's the best path to take, and what material should I read to go from being a complete PvP newbie to being Emperor in ESO?

Any and all advice is welcome. TYIA.
  • Corpier
    Play more than anyone else. Getting emperor isn't about being more skilled than the competition, its about no-lifeing harder than anyone else.

    I won't say there is any definitive "best" way to get emp, but the easiest I have found was to pick a 7 day campaign on a week you are on vacation. Have lots of consumables ready, have some friends to play with to take keeps when you are in #1 and Netflix or something to watch as you repair keeps and take rss when campaign is dead at night. Also, you will make more ap in a coordinated small group and make sure to keep the buff up for killing a delve boss.

    The long and short of emp is; the more you play the better your chances. Good luck!

    [EDIT] Overlooked when you said you had yet to touch pvp. Make sure you have a build for pvp. WEAR 7/7 IMPEN AND A DEFENSIVE SET! I cannot stress enough focusing on survival if you are new. I don't mean play a useless 40k health tank, but make sure you can take a hit. You don't make much ap when dead.
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  • dtsharples
    Didn't they remove the XP gain from repairing walls / doors?
  • Kadoin
    My advice? Get "Empieror" instead and save yourself a lot of time and grief!
  • Montimer94
    Forget about sleeping! Install addons like CyrHUD that tell you every resource/keep under attack and just run to them to leech the most ticks posible...
  • Enkil
    *** Emperor.. only good thing is costume,. They should rework everything else about it
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  • fullheartcontainer
    Emperor is more than just playing more than anyone else, especially if you're doing it on Vivec or Kyne. You may not be in a guild now, but you are going to NEED guilds to support you or you will never be able to take all the keeps to get Emperor
  • ChunkyCat
    Don’t log off.
  • EmEm_Oh
    Get to know PvP first. You'll be required to lead a lot, and defend the ring 24/7.
  • CatchMeTrolling
    Don’t listen to most advice in this thread for starters because you can play more than someone but they’ll still be ahead of you.
  • Davadin
    Don’t listen to most advice in this thread for starters because you can play more than someone but they’ll still be ahead of you.


    a good pvp guild can carry someone to an Emperor at half the time someone who solo 99% of the time, but plays 24/7.
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  • evoniee
    emperor more like, the most "no life" of the game.
  • RajinPVP
    It will be very hard to get emp if your soloing all the time.. i mean yea its possible to farm AP as a solo pvper but this leaves you to put your faith on your faction to To push and take the emp keeps ring.. i would not suggest going for emp if your completely solo because what will happen is .. someone whos 2nd or 3rd on the ranking will just wait till you take a break then once they confirm your not gaining ap then thats when they will form a group with their friends and guildmates and start pushing emp keeps but not take the last emp keep till they get to number 1 spot.

    i think its way too early for you to get emp and maybe just enjoy cyrodiil for now.. like some other had suggested, try it on 7day camp that have an active faction that pushes keeps , always take the AP buff , repair walls and doors if the map is uneventful , understanding the defensive AP ticks will greately benefits you for ap farming. Always go to where the action at. Take resource if theres nothing going on the map.
  • kylewwefan
    If you still have any interest in it. And read this. Start a new toon. Go to the under 50 campaign.

    Do craft some decent gears at every 5 levels for yourself. Food and stuff. Maybe jewelry and enchants too. Fortified brass is fantastic. Throw in some other set. Don’t forget to grab a mundus stone.

    Under 50 is where to get emp.

    It is quite different than the 30 day.

    You have to take the resources to take a keep. The buffs and stuff for here can’t be ignored. Some friends would big time help.

    You have to have the most AP in the campaign. Capture all the inner keeps and hold them at same time. This is how you get emp.

    It could still take awhile ( prepare for an all nighter) but no where near the grind on the main 30 day campaign.
  • vamp_emily
    I think some people fail to understand you can get Emp right after the start of a new campaign. Doesn't have to be a no life grind.

    I suggest creating a new character and going to Mulaamnir. It will be easier if you join one of the guilds in PvP before you decide to run for Emp. As soon as the campaign restarts grind AP and try to get players to push for Emp at the same time.

    If you want a friend, get a dog.
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  • oXI_Viper_IXo
    Make sure you have all the bounty board quests ready to turn in as soon as the new campaign starts and also have your delve buff going. This will give you a nice jumpstart right out of the gate.

    As others have mentioned, it's going to be extremely difficult without the assistance and support of a guild or multiple guilds.

    Good luck.
  • ACaptiveMind
    I have spent some time in PvP and have read the advice here. I know a lot more than I did before. Thanks, all!
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