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Almighty Born Killers A PvE and PvP social guild is recruiting Eu PS4 (18 +)

Soul Shriven
Almighty Born Killers (ABK) is look for active players. New and experienced players are welcomed..

We have been on ESO since the PS4 launch but as of lately our active player have drop off. I have came back to EsO after some time off and I want to get the guild back up and running again. I want players that can play well with others no need for any petty drama. Come have fun meet some new players and let's rebuild this guild together. We will be mainly a PvE guild but that will not keep us from doing PvP. Crafter are also welcome but it will be a while before we will be able to get a guild trader.

If you have questions or want an invite send psn name and I will find you. Mine is Newtas81
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