[PC EU] The Champions - AD organized Alliance War & Dueling guild

Hello everyone :)
The Champions is recruiting!
*Aldmeri Dominion organized alliance war.
*Dueling - improve your skill in dueling!
*My primary residence serves as the guild hall - Fully decorated guild house: Elinhir Private Arena, Transmute station, all target dummies & all Mundus stones.
*Discord server is available to guild(Voice chat is not a requirement and it isn't used during raiding).

Minimum requirements:
Level 50 & 400+ CP.
Play only one side which is Aldmeri Dominion on Vivec Campaign.
We don't tolerate alliance swapping on the same campaign, the upcoming alliance lock with Elsweyr will help to solve it.
Able to understand and write in English.

The guild is new and thus still small, but we will grow and prosper! :)
I created the guild with a thought to have an elite AD force in Cyrodiil.
The players who are part of this force will get better from the dueling.
Dueling itself is fun and can help to get more experience and improved builds.

Feel free to send me a whisper/mail in-game to join! :) My in-game UserID: @Daedric_Prince
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I Soloed Saint Llothis the Pious(Trial Boss)
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Main character:
Universe - AD magicka sorcerer, Former Emperor, Grand Overlord, The Merciless, The Trial Bosses Solo Slayer
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Guild Master of "The Champions" - AD AvA & Dueling guild
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