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Darklurkers - PvP Focused - Nightblades Only - Covenant/Pact/Dominion Groups - Assassinate all

Darklurkers are essentially a guild of nightblades with the sole purpose to assassinate everything. This is accomplished by training and teaching eachother new ways and techniques to use and practice on other players in pvp, and of course to have fun and enjoy ourselves. The idea is that the guild is mainly pvp/pve focused. Trading will be something that we will do but we all need to work together to make that a consistent thing every week.

Anyone is welcome to join as long as they have a nightblade character to use when playing during guild related events etc. The rules are very strict and I really want everyone to follow.

- You must be a nightblade when participating with darklurker guild events etc
- You must obey Darklurker superiors (myself and other 2 leaders)
- Never steal from us
- Uphold the above and monitor members that don't follow the above rules.

Anyone who breaks the rules will be indicted and be demoted to a rank with no permissions.

I need 2 active, experienced AND trustworthy nightblade players from Ebonheart Pact and Aldmeri Dominion to help run, recruit and maintain the guild. (I am DC) A rank has been set up and has all the permissions necessary to help you work. These 2 other faction leaders can arrange and organise their own PVP/PVE events for members in the same faction as them so everyone gets to do the same thing and the whole guild can have fun. The following is how the ranks are currently laid out (highest rank from the top):

- Darklurker (Me)
- Darklurker 2nd (this is the 2 leaders from EP and AD)
- Darklurker (DC)
- Darklurker (EP) - different ranks to help determine who belongs to which faction
- Darklurker (AD)
- Initiate (members are are not yet CP160) (this rank is not essential, will discuss with guild)
- indicted (rank with no permissions for those who break the rules of the guild)

I have tried something new and have enabled the permission for everyone to be able to withdraw items from the guild bank, this is so that other leaders can enforce the rules and make sure everyone is sticking to the guild's ''way of life'' essentially.

There is much more to discuss in guild chat but I hope for now this is enough to interest you nightblades out there. If you are interested PLEASE message me personally on XBOX LIVE, my gamertag is Chrysa1is (that is a number one not an L or I), there is a better chance I will see your request to join this way. If you are an experienced NB let me know in your request to join.

Hopefully see you soon guys. Thanks :)

Edited by Chrysa1is on May 27, 2019 2:28AM
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