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[PC-NA] Pirate Haven - Looking for pirates and privateers!

Soul Shriven
Those who have hit rock bottom, those who have nowhere else to turn, those whose life hangs on a thread over a bottomless pit, the poor, the mad, the sinful - the rejects of civilization have a home at last. A home beneath black sails...

Former notorious pirate, Renato del-Maris, has saved his head from the guillotine by accepting to gather a crew of privateers for the Daggerfall Covenant's most suicidal missions.

If you have nothing to lose, you have come to the right place.

Chapter I: The Privateers

Pirate Haven is a new endeavour to spark an engaging and active pirate community on the ESO NA server. I wish to gather a heavy RP group that may eventually turn into a guild with plot-based development.

We are starting off as a crew of privateers that have come from desperate situations, whose personal problems and pitfalls have led them to their last resort: join this unsavoury endeavour or sink! The unsavoury endeavour in question consists of taking up suicidal missions the Daggerfall Covenant deems either too dangerous or too immoral for its troops, but missions that must be undertaken nonetheless.

There is little pay. There is no glory, no dental coverage, nor retirement plan. Every trip may be the last. However, the Daggerfall Covenant promises to clear all debt and void every privateer's criminal record upon completion of the one-year contract! For that reason, please consider: what dead-end situation has your character ended up in to join this crew of hopeless desperados? How have they hit rock bottom? Why is it their last resort?

If you are interested in joining the team, please message me here with answers to those questions, and we can chat about your character in order to make this guild a valuable experience for their development! Discord available, along with a server.

Introduction story:

P.S. This guild may feature adult (and potentially offensive) themes in character, including: violence, vulgar language, substance abuse and sexual themes.
  • theplague4u
    1. RP - check
    2. Pirate - check
    3. RP guild denied due to character - check
    4. Khajiit Nightblade Vampire villain - mostly doing brotherhood assassins, PVE stealing, killing, and thieve guild missions.
    5. Currently just soloing it
    6. New to ESO
    7. Main residence - Linchal Grand Manor
    8. Many safe houses throughout

    I haven't moved into my main residence yet, still using the lake house but this weekend going to work on it but the Manor is massive. Love the location though.
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