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Trait Material Gems Need Other Uses

Soul Shriven
I'm sure a lot of you who have been playing for years on end have a treasure trove of these armor trait gems in your craft bag. I've been playing for less than a year but crafting as a whole seems to not have enough uses for a lot of the materials. I do the daily crafting writs and make pieces of craftable gear on occasion but that just hits the bars, leather, silk and wood. What am I going to do with all these emeralds and quartz?

There is a need for these items to be needed. I just mark them as junk now to get them out of my inventory (no ESO+ for me). Even if I did have ESO+ I would most likely have 1000 of each in my bag with not much of a use for them.

Are there any plans to implement items like these into other areas of the game? I can think of a few ways they could be used.

Special furniture items: Say something like 500 or 1000 emeralds, 500 wood, 10 of this and/or 20 of that = some unique furnishing.

Expansion of fishing: If it ever becomes an official skill line you could use the gems to make either permanent lures at 1000 gems a pop. Or maybe they could make it 100 or 200 gems for lures that degrade over time and have to be replaced.

Cosmetic upgrades to pickaxe, wood axe and fishing rod: 500 or 1000 gems for certain cosmetic upgades to existing resource gathering equipment.

So many of these trait gems are just sitting around, they have become mostly usless. If I have 50 sardonyx in my bank I might as well have a million sardonyx in my bank.

Games like this need to make the most out of items like these, not only for the economy but to give players a purpose to keep playing. I got 50 crafting in all the skills except jewelry in the first 4 months or so and that's just because I didn't buy Summerset until later. Now crafting for me is basically daily writs. It would be nice to have more of a crafting endgame and maybe even master crafting levels. What do you all think?

Thanks for reading and please help expand on the topic and discussion.
  • ManwithBeard9
    I've been playing since release day, I don't even wanna see how much useless stuff is in my craft bag. I have everything researched on one character, slowly researching things on my 7 alts. I can get most of the gear to research just by playing the game. There's little need to even use the less used trait stones to craft research gear for that reason. If the devs can add in a system like this it would be something useful to do with currently useless materials.
  • lientier
    I would rather that furniture wouldnt use so much style items... just yesterday I ended up buying loads of obsidian from NPC's again.. and always running low on nikel now.. and so on.. maybe some of those recipes which use 10-30 style items could use a bit of a trait item instead. I dont mind using nirn for special items.. but this heavy use of nikel is annoying. and that lots of the morrowind house furniture uses obsidian aswell as house style items (I mean I rather have them use obsidian than bonemould, like the tiny tortoise.. )
    PC-EU @lientier
  • Starlock
    Trait gems are used in some furnishing items. Where it makes sense to include them, the developers are clearly open to the option. However, having something require an obscene amount of gems (and 100+ is obscene) is not a good idea at all. Very few players will be able to make those things.
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  • Holly_Matchet
    Soul Shriven
    Fair enough but I have 150 Almandine and I don't have plans to make even 100 pieces of well-fitted craftable gear. I stopped deconstructing green and blue gear months ago and just sell 99% of that gear to merchants. Removing furnishing from the conversation, I think the concept of using these trait items at a higher quantity than single digits would help the game in the long run.

    I whish this could get moved to the General forum. I hesitated posting it there because I didn't want it to be in the "wrong" place but it would be nice to hear from a broader audience.
  • bmnoble
    Probably have thousands of some of the trait stones sitting in my craft bag, I don't sell them in the trade guilds I am in because they are almost worthless and never worth the slot in the store.

    about the only ones I use frequently are the ones for training gear/Impen/infused and Divines. The only time the others ever get used is when a tank or healer is asking for gear to be crafted most DPS use the 4 I listed above.

    Would be nice if they had some other uses I never make furniture.
  • prof-dracko
    Maybe a new vendor in each faction that trades trait stones for...something? In multiples of 50 or 100. Maybe AD-EP-DC motif pages or random set pieces. It doesn't need to be anything really special, just something to get rid of the stones with. Shouldn't be anything exclusive either, unless it's something like the tel-var merchant in IC that sometimes gives out the polymorph boxes. That way the people who don't want to spend them aren't really missing out but the ones who want to throw their stones away have a (small) chance to get something worthwhile out of it.
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