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AD Ranger Regiment is recruiting

Soul Shriven
AD Ranger Regiment

About Us: This is a newly created guild mostly for Aldmeri Dominion newcomers to PVP who want to come together to help each other learn, improve, and master the PVP environment. The primary campaign is Vivec and the concept behind the creation of the guild is to be scouts for the campaign to increase the control of the map. I catered this guild primarily for newcomers to the PVP environment but veterans are welcome. The primary mission of the guild is to create small to medium size groups that would move together behind enemy lines to create havoc with other alliances. The groups would attempt to capture and small targets like resources, towns, and provide information about Zerg movements.

What we offer: The guild in newly created but I have a PVP dueling arena that we can use for dueling and improving skills to help defend yourself. My primary residence has all crafting stations, transmutation station, 6 Mundus stones, a merchant, smuggler, and banker. I would also want to routinely do PVE/PVP daily events such as doing normal/vet dungeons, Hunting for sky shards, and possibly doing trails as our numbers grow. Events would also include world boss fights and gold farming.

If you are interested in joining my guild please respond with your PSN and we can get started running together in Cyrodill.

Look forward to hearing from you.
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