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Frostvault is the best dlc dungeon mechanically

change my mind (for real, it's fun. the best two fights are tzogvin and vault keeper by far though)
  • Asardes
    <3 Vault Protector <3
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    Surilanwe of Lillandril | 50 High Elf Nightblade | AD AR 20 |
    Joleen the Swift | 50 Redguard Templar | DC AR 20 |
    Draynor Telvanni | 50 Dark Elf Warden | EP AR 20 |
    Claudius Tharn | 50 Necromancer | DC AR 20 |
    Nazura-la the Bonedancer | 50 Necromancer | AD AR 20 |

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    Ushruka gra-Lhurgash | 50 Orc Sorcerer | AD AR 4 |
    Cienwen ferch Llywelyn | 50 Breton Nightblade | DC AR 4 |
    Plays-with-Sunray | 50 Argonian Templar | EP AR 4 |
    Milariel | 50 Wood Elf Warden | AD AR 4 |
    Scheei-Jul | 50 Necromancer | EP AR 4 |

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    Asardes the Exile | 50 Nord Dragonknight | EP AR 30 |
  • TelvanniWizard
    Vault protector is the worst #*&@ ever. I hate it. One day I will finally kill it, get my spider (already beaten last boss hm via blue portal) and never go back in there.
  • TheNightflame
    if you can beat last boss hardmode vault protector should be ez though?
  • TelvanniWizard
    if you can beat last boss hardmode vault protector should be ez though?

    Well, for me it isn´t. Don´t know why. Stone guardian is kinda tough, but easy to figure out. Vault protector is too damm crazy, with damage coming from every corner, ricochet insta-kills while you´re trying to survive the damm lasers and avoid the electric balls at the same time... Hateful, imo.
  • Katahdin
    How is it best?

    The first boss is constant ccs and knock backs that you can't avoid. Can't rez cause the mobs also cc you.

    One boss throws aoes all over the entire play area that you have to avoid by some miracle while getting ccd and sniped from across the room.

    Another boss is rotating lazers that one shot you with ccs again from across the room and exploding balls going right through the area you have to stand to avoid the lazers.

    The whole thing is a mess of ccs after ccs, after ccs with RNG, RNG and more RNG on top of one shots you cant avoid or interrupt.

    It sucks

    Edited by Katahdin on June 13, 2019 4:54AM
    Beta tester November 2013
  • Evito
    Scalecaller Peak, and I don't see anything changing my mind.
  • karekiz
    Vault Protector is meh after awhile. Fun the first time miserable a few more times. I would take the indrik over Protector.
    Edited by karekiz on June 12, 2019 9:05PM
  • Ahzek
    Frostvault endboss is amazing. The rest... not so much.
    Jo'Khaljor the bestest stam sorc (out of all 3) EU.

  • sharquez
    Vet Frost-vault is absolutely the most excruciatingly frustrating mess of a s'wit show I have ever had the displeasure of attempting. There needs to be some reeling back of alot of the craziness that goes on in there. Especially on the lazer room robot. Apparently Barrier doesn't save you from the one-shot lazers that you had no choice but to walk through because the one shot ball robot was where you were supposed to stand while getting pelted by one-shot projectiles from the endlessly spawning adds. lksdjhflsdhfasdkl;fhso;
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  • pluckpluck
    Really, except the last boss that, in HM, has a lot of RNG to manage, and so the godmode will be a pain to achieve, but not impossible, just need luck.

    First boss is easy. Have the tank to taunt the boss where he is. DDs and healer go behind, between the boss and the gate. Goal is to heal a lot while adds are aggroing the group. To spare time to healer, as a tank i drop time stop each 10 sec. When the boss is jumping, he kills the adds all around him, and it's so a matter of bashing the boss when he is about to hit the mate that got punched.

    Second boss is quite easy too. Tank has it in center of the room and mates are spaced enough. When archers pop, tank chains them on the boss, and AoEs will kill them. When boss port before launching fire attack, it's time to drop ultis while healer overheal. When it's growing ice AoE, just go on border, manage to not be in a little storm, turn anticlockwise, and wait he has finished with. Tank taunt him in middle, grab the two new archers, and DDs kill boss.

    The Centurion is tricky. You want barrier not to protect from lasers but from Spheres heavy attack, launching a rolling AoE that deal a ton of damage. It's only needed for the last sequences when there are 4 lasers. The sequence is 1-1-2-4-4. When boss enters the ground and put the shield on him, take a look all around to see where laser starts, and on which side is the lasergun. Go on the other side of the shield. When it's a sequence of two, once you are protected for the first laser to pass, look where is the other and move accordingly. If you're short, you can rolldodge thru boss shield. For the sequences with 4 lasers, the two first are important, because you'll know if you have to turn around boss' shield clockwise or anticlockwise. It's where barrier is useful (one on tank, one on healer) to protect from Spheres where you could have no time to break them. Still, better if all magicka can equip crushing shock to interrupt from range. It's not a DPS race, but Spheres are deadly. Try, of course, to avoid rolling nades, they'll stun anyone that is moving into one. Interesting fact is that you can kill both Spiders and Spheres with them, but it's really RNG depending. And, last but not least, better to tank the boss in middle of the room to have more space with lasers.

    Next is the mage and the frost attronach. Healer equip taunt to get Rizuk (the mage) on them all the time, and DDs focus on. When boss ports and starts to channel his heavy, crushing shock and DDs continue to damage him, then. Tank stays on Avalanche, close to, and around middle of room. Place is important because Avalanche has a special attack, a "dance" in a close AoE, and if you can't follow its steps, you'll die. If you aren't close, but not far enough, the same, you'll die. But in the middle because large frozing AoEs pop on borders of the room. If avalanche can't dance because of that AoE and can't move far enought (or cast MagmaShell), tank will die.

    Last boss is a true pain, as said before, in HM because of RNG, and sometimes you can't skip the steam, or it's to go thru fire. But non-HM is pretty easy. Your tank is in front of boss, he rolldodges right arm attack (so the arm on the left of the tank), but just tank the lasers and fire, with the healer dedicated to heal. DDs focus right then left arm then boss. Healer, supposed to be magplar, equip the skill that push back ennemies, and take care of spheres to throw them out of platform. When Centurion appears, tank taunts him but dodge the heavy "hammer" attack. When fire phase, it's mostly time for recharging with heavies, while running around the boss for a complete circle. Mouse phase isn't that hard, but go on Alcast website to get an idea of how to deal with. And maybe install a minimap addon, it's easier for orientation.
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