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Roses of Tamriel - A Ladys only guild

Soul Shriven
This is a guild for female players only

Age 18+

You are tired of roaming Tamriel by yourself?

If you want to hang out, quest, farm and just do everything the game provides together with other girls, then this is the place for you.

All levels and alliances welcome

Psn: Risha-x or leave you're psn here and I will send you an invite.
  • Dylanlucas
    And the guildleader is a guy? ;)
    PSN: malos1979
    VR16 - Magicka DPS Templar - RETIRED

    VR16 - DK Firemage - RETIRED

    World First PS4 - VDSA, Hel Ra
    EU First PS4 - Sanctum Ophidia
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