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On the Vestige and Soulgems

They cannot die.
They have died before
Jumping off cliffs,
Dying in battle.
Dying through other means

Every time they die
They come back
With a Soul that is not their own
They die and
A Soulgem in their pocket begins to glow

The Soul of a Woodelf fills them
Resurrects them
Brings them back to life
It is weird at first
Getting used to the foreign Soul

The next time it is the Soul of an Altmer
It´s more difficult now
Not to look down on others
Even if they are taller than them
But they manage

The next Soul is the one of an Argonian
The Hist calls to them
Even if it is quiet,
They can hear it
It´s strange

And one time someone resurrected them
With the Soul of a skeever
It was awful
But they managed
Hoping to receive a different Soul the next time

Just some thoughts I had on Soulgems and how they work with our Soul-less Vestige. They don´t have a Soul, yet they can come back from death. And the Soulgems that are used in the process need to be filled with a Soul. Talked and discussed this with a friend about it, too, Soulgems are quite an interesting thing.
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