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Seeking Final Round vMA help

Hello. I’m on ps4 and am resorting to asking for someone to please help me. I’m using a pet sorc build and the boss battle constantly wipes me at the deadroth. I stay close but other mechs wipe me too. I’m literally giving up hope for the bow. I don’t care for the achievement or the glory of completing it. Someone tried to help me once via shareplay but the lag was bad apparently. I’m hoping someone can help again. I contacted someone on here who had helped others but they were more interested in learning a sorc and forgetting to interrupt the trolls on frozen lake to help. I need a true professional at it please. Thank you in advance. Psn is DancingShinryu if anyone needs to direct message. Will need to request friend first due to privacy settings.
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  • UntilValhalla13
    The crematorial guard is the real boss for newer vma players. His fire breath is disgusting, but he is very slow to turn. Get on him and run literal circles around him while dpsing. Make him your priority. Stay shielded. Use ultis if you have to. Negate used to silence his fire breath if you use it before he does the attack. (Not sure if that ever got changed.)
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  • alison22000
    Negate does not work
  • Firstmep

    This part of the fight can be the most difficult, or the easiest depending on your approach.

    Dealing with the Daedroth while also having to worry about the bosses mechanic and the mage add can be very difficult.

    Best way is to simply skip this stage. What you are going to want to do is dps the boss down 75% hp or below as soon as he spawns, as quickly as you can.

    He spawns in the middle of the arena, with 4 sigils around him. If your dps isnt that great then make sure to pick up the power sigil(crossed swordand axe), as it will give you a significant damage boost.

    Other than that, save your ultimate from the previous round and use it on the boss as he spawn.
    Also make sure you have your ground based AOEs, like liquid lightning and blockade of elements rolling.
    Destruction staff ultimate is best here since it doesnt require a target and you can place down just as the boss`s portal appear.

    If you do it right the boss wont have a chance to summon the daedroth or the mage add and will just skip to the next phase.

    There is another thing you can do to kinda cheese it:

    In the previous round once you have cleared out the small adds and you have less than 3 spectral charges, you can bring the Ogrim down to low health, wait for another golden ghost to appear and kill the Ogrim once you have collected it.

    This way you can carry the spectral explosion over to the next round, where you can stun the boss with it as soon as he spawn, and deal a lot of damage(100k i think), with it.

    Not sure if they changed it but you might have to keep one of the smaller adds alive in that round for a golden ghost to appear, its all about timing.

    Other than these, you sigil, theyre there and they can make the entire experience much easier.
  • msalvia
    Yeah, the daedroth is a pain. My best advice is what was said above; you have to kite around it in a circle, and keep spamming shield/heals since you're still probably gonna get hit with a little bit of the fire.

    Also a good idea is to save your ultimate for when the first daedroth spawns--that makes it easier to 1) kill the daedroth fast, and 2) dps the boss so it teleports up top while you finish with the daedroth.

    But really, final stage is rough the first time. Don't be afraid to come back tomorrow to finish. No reason you have to do it in 1 sitting unless you're shooting for leaderboards.
  • msalvia
    Another idea is to roll a bit tanky--maybe try 1 dps set, 1 tank set, or even just popping on a monster set like iceheart or bloodspawn. Necro/Plague doctor is a good starter pair for vMA. It'll slow the fight down a bit, but it gives you some room for error getting that first clear.
  • Beardimus
    Dps boss asap to get to stage 2. If you have to deal.with CG you can run backwards or circles around him but...

    DPS boss like crazy
    Block skull
    Get defence sigil then don't Interupt boss
    Kill healer
    Kill CG if he spawns ideally drop ultimate on him and boss

    That's kinda easy mode to always get to part 2 up top.

    Make sense?

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  • AndyMac
    That part of the fight is pretty tricky. If you can DPS the boss down so you can skip that would be ideal.

    If not, I agree with others that you need to run tight circles around the daedroth.

    When I do this phase I drop ground dots and the destro ult when the glowing spawn appears for the daedroth next to the boss. Then I shield up with harness and healing ward and start circling the daedroth and finishing him off. I let the daedroth come a little way away from the boss so the other mechs don't me. I think of it as staying on his shoulder really - but it's just about ensuring the daedroth doesn't face you.

    You need to watch for the boss porting as it will mean a skull heavy attack will be on the way.

    I find that very effective and the boss will port up while I am finishing off the daedroth.

    Hope that helps.
    Andymac - Magicka DK - EP Grand Overlord - Flawless Conqueror
  • idk
    When the guards start breathing fire circle around them. You cannot move away from them fast enough but they cannot turn faster than you can just circle around them. Kill them when they stop breathing fire.

    That is the easiest way to deal with them. They are the hardest mechanics in the beginning.
  • alison22000
    I have managed to kill 2 crystals up top. I did fairly well against the deadroths today. The advices I’m getting have been super helpful. He can still catch me off guard. But I’m getting better.
  • AndyMac
    I have managed to kill 2 crystals up top. I did fairly well against the deadroths today. The advices I’m getting have been super helpful. He can still catch me off guard. But I’m getting better.

    GJ - the last boss fight is a pain to learn for the first time, but gets very easy once you have it down.

    It's all about learning the choreography of it.
    Andymac - Magicka DK - EP Grand Overlord - Flawless Conqueror
  • Alienoutlaw
    make sure you collect the 3 gold ghosts, wait for the deadroth to spawn take him over to the boss then hit the synergy it will stun both leaving you free to take the deadroth easier. if they get the gold ghosts they get stronger
  • firedrgn
    Just wait you will be so good u can jump down and kill deadroth any time you want.

    I run a pet sorc so i can tell you how i do it.

    I run plague dr rings and weapons and necro on the body and the infernal guardian moster set..

    Both bars are identical except for the first ability. Front bar is wall of elements and back bar is the lightning aoe.

    Second ability on both bars is shield. With the monster set it acutally becomes a damage ability. Then of course both pets and the final spot on bars is the bound armor..

    So just lay dow wall of elemets and switch bars and lay down lighnting aoe. And heavy attack with lighning staff as you walk around boss. He will die with one heavy attack if you use spell power pots. If not you may need one more heavy attak as you walk calmly around him ..
    You want to be right next to where his tail is attached to his body just walk into that spot as you heavy attack.
  • firedrgn
    I actually run mother sorrow no2 as i dont need the plague dr any more
  • alison22000
    Actually I found being so close to the deadroth more devastating. I was shown by a guild mate a more distanced way of dealing with him and I’ve had more success.
  • Katahdin
    When you go up top, dps the crystals but dont kill them until you have them all very low. Each crystal you kill speeds up the rock wall and makes it harder to keep up with it. Jump down in between if the DOT becomes too much. The DOT resets when you do that.
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    Beta tester November 2013
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