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Elder Scrolls Exchange - TOP 100 Buyers' Raffle & Reward Promotion Event! (Ends 4/28 @ 9PM EDT)


Elder Scrolls Exchange will be having a TOP 100 Buyer's Raffle & Reward Promotion this week!

The raffle is EXCLUSIVE to the TOP 100 buyers from our store (lots of great prizes including a Top 150k prize). We'll also have guaranteed prizes for the TOP 5 buyers!

Everyone who spends 250k+ in our store will get a pack of Gold Mats + Nirncrux too.

Our trader this week is Virwillaure in Hollow City, Coldharbour (closest trader to the wayshrine). We did 145M+ sales last week in Mournhold so we have a very broad & robust store with lots of offerings.

Purchases are counted from 4/21 9PM EDT to 4/28 8:59PM EDT.

This is our fourth time running this event & it's been great so far! Thank you & I hope to see you all at our trader!

Buyer's Raffle & FAQ @

All the best,

  • The Buyer's Raffle will be held on May 1st @ 8PM EDT (on the "4/28 ESE Reward Raffles" sheet)
  • Open to all including non-Elder Scrolls Exchange members
  • Each buyer in the TOP 100 ranks for ESE's store automatically get 1 ticket in the raffle
  • The TOP 5 Buyers are guaranteed a prize
  • Everyone who spends 250k+ in ESE's store will also get a pack of Gold Mats & Nirncrux (only 1 per player)
  • Dice rolls @
  • Complete Rank Data is Listed on the "4/28 ESE Reward Raffles Sheet @
  • Only purchases from 4/21 9PM EDT to 4/28 8:59PM EDT are valid (Tracked using Master Merchant)
  • Prize mails will be sent 5/1 - 5/8
  • Direct all questions to @Rushinator

Past Top Buyers' Winners:
  1. @Maadog (non-ESE member)
  2. @JHartEllis
  3. @Hakamin79
  4. @Silvana1223 (non-ESE member)
  5. @IcyDeadPeople (non-ESE member)
  6. @Phatalix
  7. @Glarin87
  8. @researchmonkey
  9. @Sisqi76 (non-ESE member)
  10. @Falkyn
  11. @Erraln (non-ESE member)
  12. @Donhx
  13. @aquagodess
  14. @WinBot
  15. @JethroT
  16. @Ælf
  17. @CplBinky (non-ESE member)
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