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How I Organized 8 healer Characters in ESO

List updated here.

Someone asked me a question that took me a very long time to get the answer. So let me explain my system. I have sorted healing gear sets by play styles that I think are most befitting of the class for healing.

Sorc Healer- Stores whatever I want, and pet healer set

  • Examples Necropotence, Shalks, Eye of Nahviintaas

Warden Healer - Stores defensive healing gear
  • Meritorious Service, Mending, Inventor Guard

Templar Healer - Balanced Healer, Stores standard healing gear, stores sustain gear
  • IA, Mending, Sanctuary, Olorime, Jorvulds, Worm

DK Healer - Stores Shield Healing sets

  • Prayer Shawl, Combat Physician, Urvus

NB Healer - Stores Dps healing gear, and low cost ultimate healing/Support/ hps healing gear

  • Destructive Mage, Lamina Song, Master Architect

Necro Healer - rezzing and critical healing, *Stores roleplay gear, and moon dancer set

  • Hanu's Compassion, Vastarie's Tutelage, Kags

Stamina Warden Healer
  • Powerful Assault, Hist Champion, War Machine, Hircine

Frost Warden Tank Healer - Warden Healer started to overfill with gear setups so had to branch off and put hybrid tank/healer gear with a new toon for those 3 dps runs!)

Bank - Pvp healing gear, weapons and jewelry of important gear that should be swapped to in case of situations from bank.

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