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[New Guild] [Social] [PvE/Training] Untold Sleepless Knights

Soul Shriven
Untold Sleepless Knights is a new Social/PvE/Training guild looking to fill the ranks. We are seeking mature participants who want to experience and enjoy Tamriel with like-minded friends and learn the game mechanics in a safe environment.

Does the random group finder have you frustrated? Want to know what is going on or just complete the heckin' quest? Not sure what the mechanics actually are in a dungeon because a demi-god 1000+cp DK slaughtered everything before you could even swap weapons? The normal dungeons are there to help prepare us for Veteran difficulty, which is why we plan on running them regularly with new players and turn them into a learning experience outside of the 'gotta go fast' rush culture. Not to mention those sweet skill points and incredible story!

Another point of interest for the guild is 100% completion of maps and achievements. World bosses, Delves, Public dungeons, Quests.. Everything. Any help you may need or questions you need answered is just a guild message away. Some of the most fun I have had in this game is grouping up with friends and completely dominating a zone.

We do have a discord server available and a guild house (merchant/bank, no tables yet).

If you are interested in joining, simply respond to this thread with your IGN or send a mail to @Nullbolt in game.
  • Kofad
    Soul Shriven
    @Kofad looking for a small guild did send a friend request also...
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