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DPS LF Vet Trail focused PvE guild

Soul Shriven
Hello. I'm a ps4 console transfer who recently got into PC NA.
I have cleared all the content on ps4 as DPS including vCR+3. I never got immortal redeemer or gryphon heart, however, but I know all the mechanics to every trial and dungeon excluding post dragon bones update.
I'm only 350 or so cp atm, but I'm grinding it out.
On my mag sorc with crappy gear and no vma staff, I can still hit 40k dps and I'll show you the cbx/superstar if interested.
I'm a mag sorc dps main with a stamblade dps alt. I have a little tanking/healing experience on all trials, non HM, but the dps role is where I've been the most.
I'm looking for a guild with active signups on discord with a helpful positive community. I'm not looking for top score pushes, just solid progression groups and plenty of optional pug signup trials. Social events and a trade guild are unneeded, but desired.
I want the guild's management and leadership to be mature, 21yrs or older preferred.
Time management is a big deal to me, so if you consistently lead raids, but only log in 10 minutes before hand to get the group together and confirm attendance last second, I'm not the one for you. I will show up on time(15 min prior minimum) to all scheduled/signed up for raids every single time unless a family emergency. I'm an active player Thurs-Sunday with only Mon-Wed being days that I don't play at all or not as often.
I'm not completely geared out in the best gear yet, but I'm farming for it steadily daily, including at least 1 vma run a day until I get some infernos.
Please send a friend request to message me on discord @WhiteGhost#4248 if we seem like a fit for each other
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