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[PC-EU][Social]Stormrage Gaming is recruiting for members of all experience levels.

Soul Shriven
Hey all! Stormrage Gaming is recruiting for new and experienced members.

About Us

We are a group of friends from South Africa that recently moved over from WoW to ESO and we've decided to start a casual guild. We started a gaming community in 2004 and repurposed our Discord to only be for those of us that actively play together. We have a guild house with all basic crafting tables except Jewelry Crafting.

Guild Focus

Our guild will mainly be focused on social PVE and PVP content with some trading on the side as some of us are quite interested in it. We are super interested in PVP content with me personally dipping my toes in some Battlegrounds action. Our core members are WoW Refugees so for any WoW players that need terms and mechanics explained in WoW language this guild is the perfect fit.


We will never have guild sales or donation requirements but all we ask is that you try and be semi-active in-game or on Discord. Veteran Members interested in helping us build the guild would be amazing too.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you there!
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