Darkshade Caverns II

Soul Shriven
For the past several months all of the groups i've gone into the dungeon with have gotten stuck at the group before the Engine Guardian because we kill most of the group and then it resets like we ran away or wiped. No matter what position we've tried it from, it always ends the same way. I'd like to promote this as much as I can so I know that it's at the very least being looked into. Thank you for your time.
Main and crafter: Nord Dragonknight DD named Mikael Lokviing
Alt 1: Imperial Nightblade DD named Aerwaen Snowlily
Alt 2: Altmer Sorcerer Healer named Urien Snow-born
Alt 3: Nord Warden Healer named Soren Ice-born
Alt 4: Altmer Sorcerer Tank named Volarano Lokviing
Alt 5: Imperial Sorcerer Tank named Ezriel Lokviing
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