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[NA][PC][PvX] 2 New Players Looking For Guild

Soul Shriven
My girlfriend and I are both new to ESO, but have been playing games for well over 10 years now. We'd like to join a smaller community to learn the game from and participate in group activities as we gain experience in the game. I'll leave some notes about us, and what we're looking for. If we sound like a good fit for you, please leave a reply here as this is where I am most likely to see it.

We Are:
  • 25+ years of age, microphones, Discord etc.
  • Healer (she), DPS/Tank (me)
  • GMT -8 (PST)
  • Interested in PvE and PvP
  • Play most days of the week and weekends

We Desire:
  • 21+ guild, NA, PvX
  • Smaller sized guild of no more than 50 members. We want to get to know the community and feel that larger guilds over 100s of people are too large and overwhelming
  • New player friendly, and are willing to help us learn the game
  • Use Discord (sorry cannot go back to TeamSpeak or other VoIP)
  • Not interested in RP'ing at this time

Leave me a message here and hope to hear back! Thanks for your time.
  • NeeScrolls
    hi there Bizmarhk,

    Not sure if you 2 found a guild yet but you might wanna check us out sometime:

    Best of luck to you either way! B)
  • gtnorrell
    Hello @Bizmarhk ,

    My wife and I are the GMs of Artem Mortis together. It is good to see other couples enjoying the game together. I am not sure if you have found a guild yet but my social guild has several events scheduled weekly, with a guild chat, discord, and website all focused on having a good time. We also have some of the most active bunch of members of any guild I have seen to date! Although we are a larger guild we are still a pretty close knit community with friendly members that have made lasting relationships. We would love to have you with us, If you want to see more look at our forum here:

    And if you would like an invite just reply there or send a mail in-game to @gtnorrell @MrsNorrell or @DeadlyHammer . As soon as you are in, all members have invite privs so you could easily invite your wife as well. Whether you choose to join us or not I would like to wish you both well and Happy Hunting!
    GM of Artem Mortis
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    "I was lurking behind a Dark Anchor chain link, preparing to terrify an approaching Soul Shriven by suddenly knocking her down and sneering, "No match at all," when I suddenly felt a strange tingling all over, from my horns down to my toes. I grew dizzy as the plane spun around me, nearly fell into a pool of blue plasm, and then suddenly felt myself hurled into an endless black void." -Excerpt from I was Summoned by a Mortal by Kynval Zzedenkathik of Clan Deathbringer
  • Bizmarhk
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you both for the replies, we're going to let this sit for another day and then decide!
  • NeeScrolls
    Bizmarhk wrote: »
    Thank you both for the replies, we're going to let this sit for another day and then decide!

    Sounds good, Biz !

    'Artem Mortis' ^^ is a really solid guild and def. very active, whereas our crew is much more of an upstart rebuild situation.

    But hey, you can't go wrong either way yep. /tiphat

    Edited by NeeScrolls on April 22, 2019 11:00AM
  • Cyth27
    Hey there!

    I am the GM for The Living Tribunal, a budding PvX PC-NA guild. We run mostly DC and EP PvP at the moment, have 6 community events per week (including zone exploration, dungeon runs, beginner and advanced trials, fishing, and farming!), and started largely with new members that have all started to reach level 50 now!

    We believe in keeping a relaxed and welcoming community for all gamers, and boast a wonderfully diverse community. "Don't be a jerk" is our unofficial guild motto, so you will never find any elitist or toxic behavior here, and as long as you aren't directing it at anyone in a rude way, you can totally drop F-bombs in chat because we're all adults and don't believe in censorship.

    While we currently have 280-ish members in our roster, I'd say there's only a core group of about 30 of us that participate in the social aspect so it's still got a small guild feel. If you are interested, just send a friend request or an in-game message to @Cyth27
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