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Elsweyr PTS You Understand the Dragons!

You can understand what Dragons say!
E.g. Fus Ro Dah, Yol Tor Shul! That's insane! This breaks the LORE so much! I understand its cool, but we are not Dovahkiin and have nothing to understand their speech.
Resdayniil kan tarcel
  • SirAndy
    Vexarius wrote: »
    Just because you can hear the words doesn’t mean you can understand what they mean...
    Just because i understand what your words mean doesn't mean they actually make sense...
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  • Konstant_Tel_Necris
    I really hope draugrs and dragon priests will now use proper shouts instead of DK skills.
  • ArchMikem
    Dovahzul is an actual Language. Anyone can learn the language. What's special are the shouts. Sure you can learn and speak the language, but can you "shout" it? Most people no. The Greybeards even say they spent their entire lives learning how to Shout but only the Dragonborn can do it almost immediately without training.

    A funny example is Katia from the Webcomic Prequel: Making a Cat Cry the Adventure. She's a Khajiit that knows "Dragonish".
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