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Game completely frozen on character select

I am *** beyond furious. I paid money for THIS? The game wont load at all, it stays utterly frozen on the *** character select. What the *** am I paying money for? You release a *** patch and completely destroy your game. How dare you make money off of this product.
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  • SweepsAllClowns
    Think about how beyond the premium madness you could be, if this continues for a whole month or even more. I bet your EU server still works, try it if you have character ready there or create fast a test character. Is your game bouncing back to character selection screen with every character after about 5-10 seconds when trying to log in? Also your gamertag isn't probably visible anymore on down right corner of the character selection screen, only "profile" is visible.
    Xbox EU cp 1575 account completely stuck since Wrathstone, not fixed by zenimax!
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