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pChat Alternative

Since pChat seems once again abandoned i wondered if anyone knows of a good alternative... or maybe something better.
I've come across several bugs now and i guess this Add-on won't get an update sometime soon (unless the Author returns for Elsweyr).

The features i'm mostly interested in are...

- Chat-Backup
- Default Tab selection
- Several color settings for Chat e.g. different color for name and message.
- Sound notification for whispers
- Timestamp for messages
- Not sure if this is a vanilla features but Guild Names in brackets before the Guild Member name in chat.

So if anyone knows of an addon that support at least those features, please name it below.
I'm not a fan of using multiple Add-ons for the same area, since incompatibilties are more likely to happen (especially after a new patch e.g. one Add-on gets an update but the other not).

Thank you
Fast is fine, but accurate is final.
  • silvermistktralasub17_ESO
    TOM (Tamriel Online Messenger) at least handles most of those. I don't know about the sound (I haven't really noticed one, but then again, I'm also often in a guild voice chat)...but look into it. It's amazingly easy to use, too.
  • Baertram
    FCOChatTabBrain provides some chat settings as well, like sound notifications, auto change the chat tab for incoming messages, etc.
  • Ilision
    "Wykkyd Enhanced Chat" is another great chat add-on. I don't use it but my guildies advise me that it is worth trying it out. Below are some of the features from the description of the add-on,


    Hide default chat background
    Prevent chat text from fading
    Force the chat window not to fade (also available via in-game setting)
    Insert a new, more configurable chat background (including custom colors)
    Enhance the Edit Box
    Label font type, size, style
    Edit box font type, size, style
    Insert a new, more configurable edit box background (including custom colors)
    Add LOOT announcements, Your loot, Party loot (rare or better), Your gold
    Also makes the chat window able to be resized to the size of your entire screen."
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