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Missing Nascent and Luminous Indrik Mounts

I have collected all the feathers for the Nascent mount and combined them and got the Nascent mount and rode it. I changed back to a different mount before the berries were released. Then I collected the berries and combined them. I never tested the mount once i combined the berries..Today I got to mount it and under collections/mounts it says they are not collected. I know I bought the berries and combined them so I am totally confused as to why it says "Not Collected". Please advise.
  • Ash_In_My_Sujamma
    Once you use the berries to evolve your nascent into a dawnwood (or any other form), the nascent is removed from your collection. You need to collect the feathers again in order to regain nascent and then collect the other 4 berries and evplve it to another form.
    Edited by Ash_In_My_Sujamma on April 19, 2019 7:14AM
  • PawadoTheFearless
    Ah, got it, thank you.
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