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New and returning players guild, Friends of the crone is recruiting

Hello, we are a new guild looking for new and returning players to join us. We started up just 18 days ago, have 68 members so far, a very lively discord, trials team, free crafting services and build help. There is free bank access after a month (10 free items per day) daily skyreach and spellscar runs, and a chance to learn the game alongside some very helpful and experienced people. Whisper angelfishhappy or kazuya893 in game for an invite, or reply to this post.
  • sheenajpowell
    Up to 71 members now, I hope you will give us a try 😀
  • sheenajpowell
    80 members and a trader too, still looking for new recruits, and also people to join our new trials team.
  • Infinity6gear
    Soul Shriven
    Could I have a guild invite please. PSN id Pikagon2.

    Many Thanks
  • deathlyangel02
    Soul Shriven
    Is the guild still running? If so can i get an invite. Returning player
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