Court of Crimson Dawn [Vampirism and Necromancy] [RP-PvE]

Soul Shriven
Welcome to your new home!

Are you a Vampire without a family? A mortal who doesn't seem to fit in anywhere else for a reason such as what you've become or what you study? The Court of Crimson Dawn is a Vampire Court that is also filled with many mortals who we call our Knights. Here you will find shelter as well as training, so you can stand against all who wish you harm while also bettering yourself as a whole.

What we do: We are a 18+ RP-PvE guild focusing heavily on Vampirism and Necromancy and we center ourselves around playing the Villain in the roleplay community. Instead of rolling dice, we use our level and the skills we have in our roleplay and PvE. PvE can include everything from a trial in a delve for our Knights to open world exploration for the whole Court. We also do PvP if you're into that, as a way of handling IC sparring and fights. We have a Sanctuary for our members that is open 24/7, training grounds and a guild Discord that guild members and allies can join.

If you're interested, leave your contact information here or reach me in-game (Miranda Valkov - @SukebanAxxx) for an IC interview!
Miranda Valkov of the Court of Crimson Dawn
@SukebanAxxx in-game
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